Mom To Be

Mom To Be

The time in a woman’s life when she is carrying a child-to-be is like no other. As drastic physical changes occur, excitement and anticipation embody her being. At this time, it is so important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and minimize stress. We here at the Brazilian Beauty have options that are enjoyable and will help to facilitate a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is also the perfect time to pamper your self. Whether you are looking for a pre-baby day of relaxation or some post baby pampering, we have designed treatments especially for you. Treatments that will change you from someone who just wants to curl up and be left alone to someone who wants to share their joy with the world are just what we had in mind.

Please be advised that all mom’s to be must be in good health and the pregnancy must be past the first trimester. At the Brazilian Beauty we use only baby friendly products in all our pre natal services.

Facial Treatments

A professional facial can work wonders when it comes to clearing pores clogged with extra oil thanks to those crazy hormones. In addition to being oily, your skin becomes extra sensitive during pregnancy – something to take into consideration when scheduling a facial. The facials we recommend for our moms-to-be are gentle and relaxing but effective to address the needs of the skin.
A luxurious facial especially designed for the Mom-To-Be with all her needs and comforts in mind. Created to address hormonal fluctuations, puffiness, dehydration and other concerns, this nurturing facial will calm, hydrate and balance. A gentle massage and the use of “baby” friendly products are perfect for the pregnant or breast feeding mother.

Body Care

Your body is going through so many changes during the nine-month period, and it too needs a little extra tender loving care. A body scrub designed just for you and your extra passenger will give you the energy to continue with your daily routine.
A luxurious exfoliation using a micro fine body “polish” to smooth away surface bumps and reveal fresh skin cells. Following the delicate exfoliate that is rich in anti-oxidants, you will experience the gentle rinsing effect of the Vichy shower, concluding with a full body moisturizing using oils rich in vitamins to help prevent stretch marks – it does not get much better than this. Also included is a relaxing massage of the neck, shoulders and arms as well as legs and feet. You will feel as silky smooth and soft as a baby.


A prenatal massage such as we perform at the Brazilian Beauty is a terrific idea. You are aching all over thanks to the additional weight being put on your frame and feet. Our massage therapist has been certified in prenatal massage, so you will be in good hands. Relief is in sight!
We have selected unscented oils and lotions for your massage. Should you wish to add a scent, smell it ahead of time to see if it agrees with you – remember things are different now. One of our most popular scents is lavender- calming, soothing and relaxing.
MOM TO BE MASSAGE (60/90 MIN) $120/160
A massage designed specifically for pregnant women, adapted to each stage of pregnancy. Our massage is engineered to relax tense muscles and ease sore spots as well as improve circulation and mobility. Our goal is to reduce your stress and promote relaxation for the time you are with us. A massage just makes you feel good not to mention it’s inspirational therapy connecting mother and baby through the power of touch.
A mineral rich foot soak, exfoliation and massage for feet and lower legs helps with soreness, poor circulation, water retention and the tiring affect of carrying an extra load. Following the soak and massage, the feet and legs are hydrated and moisturized getting them ready to carry the little one for a few more weeks or months.


First comes the bad news – due to physiological changes, waxing will be more uncomfortable during pregnancy. Now the good news – it is generally safe to have even large areas of your body waxed. Your esthetician will be sensitive to your comfort level, so if you need to pause, don’t hesitate to let her know. Many women have never had a Brazilian wax nor wanted one until they became pregnant. If you are one of those women, we recommend you start early and then do it on a regular basis – this will make your first time less uncomfortable.
Our Estheticians are trained to handle pregnant women from the beginning to just before the due date. Let us handle this sensitive area for you before your baby arrives.

When standing in front of a mirror with a swimsuit on, the hair that is visible is what will be removed. Besides the swimsuit line, the hair above the bikini and between the legs is also removed.


*Prices shown above are applicable when having your 1st Bikini waxing in your 3rd Trimester.


Your body is going through so many changes during the nine-month period, and it too needs a little extra tender loving care. A body scrub designed just for you and your extra passenger will give you the energy to continue with your daily routine.

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“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”

Tips For After The Baby Arrives:

  • Since you can’t fit into your pre pregnancy clothes – pick up some postpartum comfortable separates in dark colors (helps to hide those little everyday stains) and accessorize in color. Try some leggings and an oversized shirt from hubbies’ closet-oh, and boxers are great for sleepwear.
  • Eat right, take a brisk walk and avoid those tempting snacks and you will be back into most of your pre-baby clothes in no time.
  • Abbreviate that beauty routine – a little blush goes a long way; an eyelash curler helps to make your eyes look brighter and a touch of mascara takes care of the rest.
  • Hair- well either cut it into one of the cute new styles, or sweep it up into a sleek pony tail.
  • Find a sitter or enlist hubby, and schedule an afternoon at the Spa where we will make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
You are going to be a great Mother!
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